Barrier & greaseproof paper
white, brown

Grease-resistant paper and parchment are made from highly ground cellulose, which leads to the establishment of numerous intermolecular bonds between the fibers and the formation of a closed structure of the paper web, in which there are practically no pores. The high density of cellulose fibers in grease-resistant paper makes it impermeable to oils and fats and determines its mechanical strength.

Used for automatic and manual packaging of food products containing fat and moisture - baked goods, confectionery products, cottage cheese products, butter, semi-finished meat products and sausages, instant food, groceries and spices, food concentrates, animal feed, etc.

Widely used in making fast food paper packaging - liners, napkins, envelopes, bags, wrappers for grilled chicken, pizza, pies, whites, samosas, fried potatoes, puffed corn, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc. Applicable also for lining corrugated containers for fat-containing products and as a basis for lamination with aluminum foil in the production of multilayer materials.

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