Placemats and paper sheets for cheese and meat cuts
Advise and goods ordering:

Our company produces sheets of white and brown kraft paper in various formats with the possibility of applying the client’s logo with a print of up to six colors.

One of the applications of such sheets is their use as branded placemats for table setting in restaurants and cafes, as well as substrates for trays. Such placemats look stylish, modern and environmentally friendly, but at the same time they are an economical alternative to tablecloths.

Another application of kraft paper sheets is their use as a material for packing cheese and meat / sausage slices. In this case, we use a parchment type greaseproof paper, which prevents wetting and contamination of the packaging and ensures compliance with all sanitary and hygiene standards.

Kraft paper sheets are also used as a material for lining boxes when packaging products such as cookies, pies and other types of baked goods containing vegetable fat.

We use only high-quality kraft paper from leading manufacturers from Finland, Sweden, Austria and Russia.

To order paper sheets please contact our managers.

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