Paper bags for bread and pastries
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Flat-bottom paper bags (sachets) are an environmentally friendly and elegant way to pack a variety of products: bread, croissants and other pastries and confectionary.

The use of kraft paper as packing material, as an alternative to plastic film, allows the product to breathe and preserves its aroma. At the same time, kraft packages look modern and help emphasizing the natural component of the product.

Paper bags with a demo window allow the buyer to evaluate the attractiveness of the product and look stylish on a store shelf.

Base on all these advantages, packaging of bakery products in paper bags is becoming increasingly popular among bakeries, especially when selling premium products.

CARTNORD company offers you customized paper bags made of white or brown kraft paper of various formats based on your needs and your specific products: loaves, baguettes, round bread and other products.

We also offer paper wicket bags with holes on the valve for automatic filling of the product on the packaging line.

We can apply on your bags high-quality printing up to six colors with your logo and other advertising information.

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